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Elephant Bee 'de-clunked'

Posted by Dr Heinz on Fri August 29, 2014 in White Elephant Wildlife.

On 22 July 2014, we received a report that a young elephant was seen with a metal rim around its front right foot on the Pongolapoort Nature Reserve.
Two days later, Pongola Game Reserve Elephant monitor and researcher, Heike Zitzer, was able to locate the unfortunate elephant juvenile, near where the elephant had been heard ‘clunking’ around previously.
After venturing into the Bush to get a closer look, Heike was able to take some pictures of the elephant. Now we could see the full extent of the obstruction and possible injury.

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Tracking Black Rhino on foot - Not your average Safari

Posted by Stephanie on Wed July 23, 2014 in White Elephant Wildlife.

The Portfolio Collection’s KZN consultant Renee Vermeulen recently joined guests on this unique experience at White Elephant Safari Lodge. She blogged about this unforgettable safari...

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A Game Drive with Luke Abbot

Posted by Luke on Sat June 21, 2014 in Ranger Diaries.
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Monitoring Animals with Field Camera Traps

Posted by Heike on Wed May 21, 2014 in Research.

Carrying out general field research also involves setting up camera's in the field to monitor what type of animals come past certain watering holes, 'busy' pathways, frequently used midden sites and also for security reasons.

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