Land- and Water- based Safari Activities

White Elephant is the only lodge in South Africa to offer Kariba-like, water based safari activities (motorized and canoeing) as well as the traditional land based activities. This sets us apart from other safari destinations.

We are passionate about conservation and offer a superb Black Rhino conservation experience (with a chance of viewing Black Rhino on foot) and offer guests an insight to what the Black Rhino Range Expansion Project entails. We also have a fascinating Elephant research activity, which offers an educational, interactive and visual experience and an opportunity to spend time with our elephant researcher at our research center.

We also offer the conventional activities such as game drives, educational bush walks, a visit to the lodge hide overlooking a waterhole and incredible boat cruises on Lake Jozini. These varied activities as well as the chance of catching tiger fish and superb bird watching possibilities, make us a truly unique South African Safari experience.


Safari Boat cruises

Enjoy an early morning boat cruise, viewing spectacular bird-life or a late afternoon sunset excursion. This activity is highly recommended as there are few reserves in South Africa where ‘game drives’ can be done on water. The 15000 hectare Lake Jozini provides the focal feature of Pongola Game Reserve and reminds one of Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe. Boat Cruises are a wonderful alternative to exploring the flora and fauna of our wildlife santuary. Sightings of herds of antelope, hippo, crocodile as well as an enormous variety of bird species are common. You may even be fortunate enough to see the elephants enjoying a relaxing bath in the Lake.

+/- 3 hour excursion


Canoeing – on Lake Jozini

Canoeing on Lake Jozini is a wonderfully serene way to either start or end your day in the Bush. The gentle 2 hour paddle along the shoreline, with only birdcalls and the splashing of oars, provides a very different perspective to viewing game and the African Bush. You can expect to see hippo, crocodiles, plains game and a abundance of birdlife.

This activity caters for young and old and is tailored to suite your fitness level and spirit for adventure. (no children under the age of 12) +/- 3 hour excursion

Tiger Fishing/Boat Hire

Lake Jozini is the most southern lake where tiger fish are endemic.  From the novice fisherman to the expert angler fishing with a fly, Lake Jozini offers you the ideal location for a tiger fish catch of a lifetime. Tilapia, Barbel (sharp toothed catfish), Yellowfish, Grass carp, Mozambique and Red Breasted Bream are also found in The Lake. The Pongola Game Reserve promotes a catch and release policy for Tigerfish. The pristine wilderness setting compares favourably to the wilds of Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe. The best time for tiger fishing at Lake Jozini is September through to April.

Elephant Research Project

The Elephant Research Project is a unique educational activity offered at White Elephant as an alternative to Game Drives, Walks, Boat Cruises, and Fishing. This activity offers an educational, interactive and visual experience and an opportunity to spend time with our elephant researcher, Heike.

Guests are taken to our Research Centre to view the BBC documentary “Operation Elephant”, on the relocation of our elephants from the Kruger National Park. Guests participate in discussions and debate, examine elephant skulls and bones and learn more about the purpose of Heike’s research. Spending time with the researcher in the world of the elephants is enlightening and fascinating, offering a new perspective on Nature, elephants and conservation issues.

Our long-term elephant research is focused on collecting data for the Disney veterinarians who performed vasectomies on most of our older elephant males. The result of this unique long-term study will also be of great value to other private and state reserves that are looking at alternative management options preferable to lethal control in order to limit increasing elephant numbers in fenced reserves. Each time guests participate in this experience, a contribution is made to ‘Space for Elephants Foundation’.

This project may not appeal to everyone, but provides a great opportunity to learn more about the ways of our elephants, their history, and their conservation management.

We invite you to share our elephant passion!

You can visit these two websites for more information: &

+/-3 hour excursion.

 We would appreciate prior notice of interest in this activity so that we can ensure the researcher will be available.

Black Rhino Range Expansion Project

An adrenalin-raising experience that provides an insight into the rhino's facinating world and the WWF Black Rhino Range Expansion Project. With the use of a Telemetry device, we will follow the rhino's signal, look for tracks and dung middens and examine our camera 'trap' locations as part of our rhino monitoring and conservation project.

No persons under the age of 16 years. +/_ 3 hour excursion.

Safari Game drive

Game drives are conducted in open 4x4 vehicles, either in the early morning or late afternoons by a professional guide who will show you, not only the larger game but also the many varied and interesting smaller species in our game reserve. +/-3 hour excursion.

Guided Walk

Walking trails are very much a part of the White Elephant Safari experience. Being on foot, is not only a more energetic way of experiencing the Bush but also provides a 'close-up' invigorating encounter with Nature. The sounds, smells and minute detail of the wilderness become much more apparent on a guided walk. The duration and speed of your walk will be tailored by your professional guide to suite your fitness and stamina.

Walks go out daily, either early morning or late afternoon. (No children under 16). Minimum of 2 guests per walk, 1-3 hours duration.