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Bird Ringing November 2023

Posted by Lyndon on Wed January 17, 2024 in Birding.

During November 2023, the Research Camp and umKhaya Cottage were taken over by an international team of bird ringers. Over a 3-week period they caught and processed 470 birds, representing 80 different species – ranging in size from Blue Waxbills (weighing in at around 10g) to Southern Yellow-billed Hornbills (250g plus).

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World Elephant Day 2022

Posted by Suzette on Fri August 12, 2022 in White Elephant Wildlife.

World elephant Day …… how desperate do our largest land mammals need this DAY!

Their peaceful existence is in the very fragile hands of humans. Some people might not want to hear this.. Due to loss of habitat and fragmentation, fences and management plans, blocking of historical migration routes and no financial value, their majestic presence has become a burden worldwide.

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Posted on Fri July 30, 2021.

A TRIBUTE TO TWO GREAT CONSERVATION CHARACTERS AND A LAND ROVER – On the 23rd of July the Kingsley Holgate Foundation headed to the shores of Lake Jozini in Zululand for a rather special event: the ceremonial ‘planting’ of an old Land Rover Defender, which spent 30 years helping to conserve rhinos and elephants in Africa, and paying tribute to her owners, the extraordinary brother and sister team of Blythe Loutit and Digs Pascoe.

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Respect for Elephants

Posted on Tue March 23, 2021.

An amazing and extraordinary event took place on Monday 15 March 2021 when our Pongola Game Reserve elephants walked up to the top of the highest crest of the Ubombo Mountains spending all day in full view of the Myeni community at Mavela and Wildlife Spirit. On a clear day, from this elevated position, one can see the coastal dunes of Maputaland and the hills of Nongoma, the Heart of Zululand.

The pass they took to ascend to the mountain top is known amongst the local community as "isihlalo sendlovu" - the saddle of an elephant. This was the first time that they had walked as far as the top of the escarpment in full view of the neigbouring community.
We contemplated if this unusual event was a show of respect to the AmaZulu nation for the late King Goodwill Zwelinthini kaBhekuzulu, who passed away on Friday 13 March 2021.
"We will never know Mr Heinz, but there's a reason for this," Sakhile from Wildlife Spirit replied.

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Vulture Rescue

Posted on Thu February 25, 2021.
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