The Kohrs Family

Dr Heinz Kohrs grew up on the farm Leeuwspoor, which is situated in the Pongola Game Reserve. His father Mr Karl Kohrs, was a pioneer in game farming and a founder member of the Natal Game Ranchers Association.
Dr Heinz Kohrs (BVSc) is a veterinary surgeon with a practice in Pongola dealing with domestic and wild animals as well as cattle. Dr Heinz Kohrs and wife Debbie manage and live on farm Leeuwspoor where White Elephant Safari Lodge & Bush Camp are located.

He is a founding member of the Pongolapoort Biosphere Reserve Executive and Management Committee and holds the Management Portfolio of Veterinary Care and Conservation (Environmental Affairs). In 1997 he received the Phongola Tourism and Publicity Association’s ‘News-maker of the Year’ award for Operation Elephant and a certificate of recognition for his role in establishing the Lebombo and Kingfisher Tourism routes, a marketing tool to attract more visitors to the region.

Dr Kohrs’ special interest lies in the co-existence of man and wildlife. He has also been the driving force behind the reintroduction of elephant, buffalo and rhino into the reserve. He is a founder of the Pongola Game Reserve ‘Space for Elephants’ initiative, which is a partnership between the Pongola Game Reserve and the Space for Elephants foundation (SEF). This projects supports conservation and community projects in and around the Pongola Game Reserve. One of the main objectives of SEF is to develop corridors (or ‘highways’) between protected areas to reinstate historic elephant migratory routes.

Dr Heinz Kohrs and his wife Debbie, have three daughters – Kirstin, Andrea and Clara.