About us

In 1954, K.W. Kohrs, purchased the farm “Leeuwspoor”. Primarily a cattle farmer, he was also a great naturalist, preserving and managing carefully the little remaining game species on “Leeuwspoor”.

In 1963, when conservation of wildlife on private farmland made no economic sense, as there was no demand for hunting or tourism, Mr. Kohrs was awarded the Natal Parks Board Conservationist of the Year trophy. It was during this period, when the world renowned Ian Player was chief warden of Hluhluwe / Umfolozi Game Reserve, that “Kallie” Kohrs requested 10 warthog for re-introduction on to “Leeuwspoor”. (Up until the 1980’s the sighting of a warthog by the Kohrs family or their visitors was a cause for great excitement on Leeuwspoor.)

 Today Mr. Kohrs with veterinarian son, Dr. Heinz Kohrs and family (5th generation German speaking South African’s), still live in the original homestead on ‘Leeuwspoor’, built after the first World War during the colonisation years of Zululand. 

In 1999 Dr. Heinz Kohrs realised a life's dream with the foundation of the White Elephant Lodges. White Elephant Safari offers guests a passionate glimpse of nature and the challenges facing conservation of the African wilderness and elephants.