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World Elephant Day 2022

Posted by Suzette on Fri August 12, 2022 in White Elephant Wildlife.

World elephant Day …… how desperate do our largest land mammals need this DAY!

Their peaceful existence is in the very fragile hands of humans. Some people might not want to hear this.. Due to loss of habitat and fragmentation, fences and management plans, blocking of historical migration routes and no financial value, their majestic presence has become a burden worldwide.

With the support from Save the Elephants, Council of contributors and Project Rhino, we have reduced human elephant conflict in our area. Our newly employed elephant monitor in eSwatini is doing great in the accomplishment of this. I also continuously monitor the Elephants in the Biosphere Reserve.

Let us celebrate this day with our epic elephants and work together to face all the challenges these mega herbivores are currently experiencing – Ubuntu!

There is an animal that fills the sky, that can block out the sun and that allows you to feel small. When they contact rumble each other you can feel the tremors beneath the soles of your bare feet. When they flap their ears, it reminds you of the sound of thunderstorms slowly building momentum in the distance, on a hot African day.  They can melt your heart when you watch them guard the bones of their kind. When you see the direct trunk –lifts for their young, so they don’t unnecessarily have to struggle over obstacles, you know that we need to be kinder too. When you watch how youthful jostling bulls suddenly stand still as if on parade when a mature bull walks past, you realize that we have forgotten what respect is. When you watch elephants, you will discover a society that is lesson-ready to learn from their elders. We need this type of peaceful-yet-powerful presence in this world. We need to learn how to balance power with great care for one another. As I grow older I realize they are the nation I want to be with. I want to live in a world of constant gardeners that plant seeds as they go. I want to be close to those that don’t talk more than what the birds sing and when they have something to say, it is mostly comforting. Like them, I want to breathe clean air and rest in the shade of large trees while drinking from clear streams. At night I too want to sleep in silence surrounded by darkness. Long may the elephants be our teachers. Long may we guard our grey, crinkle-clad friends and like them listen to the voices of the elders” - Michelle Deborah Henley  

What can I do you ask? Go to https://worldelephantday.org/ and sign the pledge to learn about what others are doing to conserve and protect elephants. Support efforts to treat and care for these magnificent creatures in non-exploitive and sustainable environments where they can thrive.

Warmest Regards

Suzette Boshoff