• leopard spotted in camp

Leopards spotted around Safari Lodge

Posted on Thu August 3, 2017.

 Michael and I were coming in for our day shift as Tristan and his 2 guests left for an early morning walk. Whilst we were in the kitchen making coffee we heard the monkeys making an alarm call. It seemed to be coming from the pool area. Curious to see what all the noise was about we went to have a look and saw the monkeys in the tree tops looking towards Room 5. We patrolled the fence-line and spotted a young leopard female doing her own patrol, inside the fence. Michael and I followed her to see if she was checking into her own room. Suddenly we saw another young male leopard approaching from the opposite direction.

We watched them interact for an astonishing 10 minutes. Initially the young female was a little skittish, but after they had inspected each other they went their different ways. The cub slipped out of the fence and disappeared, but the male was on his way to Room 7. Michael, Nala and I quietly walked closer and spotted him trying to climb on the bar fridge outside of the room. After that he disappeared somewhere behind the room.

We continued on to the front gate and spotted another bigger leopard (gender not known). In the mean time, Nala whom had returned to the main building phoned from the office to say that the young male is running towards the gate with a rabbit in its mouth.

We left the youngster with his kill, now safely outside of the fence. We decided to check the lodge area to make sure no-one was left inside! The adult leopard was spotted by Tristan and his guests as they returned from their walk.

Such a lucky sighting to have seen 3 leopards in one morning.

Regards from the Bush

Ruben van Greunen